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We present the first edition of Culinary Action! Incubator, a novel proposal for incubation projects that will take place from 23rd February, to 30th May 2015 based at the Basque Culinary Center..

Our 12-week programme is especially designed to help entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real projects that can lead them to the creation/consolidation of a start-up.

The full programme will be developed throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, starting with a selection process from December 2014 to February 2015 where the projects will be decided that will participate in the First Edition of Culinary Action! Incubator..

We look forward to seeing you!


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  • POS

  • Order / Suppliers / Purchasing

  • Pricing and recipes

  • Other operations

  • Receive and fulfil orders

  • Traceability

  • Smart kitchen machinery / equipment

  • Management of energy efficiency, temperatures, etc.

  • Personal management

  • Business strategy / Business planning

  • Business intelligence

  • Financial management

  • Find out / Search

  • Learn more

  • Decide / book

  • Pre-order

  • Prepayment

  • Visit

  • Go to the bathroom

  • In-situ order

  • Related products

  • Sensory experience

  • Eating

  • In-situ payment

  • Feedback

  • Telling / sharing / building loyalty

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¿Cómo funciona?

The programme is designed to receive up to 8 entrepreneurial projects.

The promotion of talent is one of the main objectives of CA! Incubator (CulinaryAction! Incubator), to find entrepreneurial teams and leaders that display the community and the environment of entrepreneurial projects connected by a common passion: FOOD and GASTRONOMY.

CA! Incubator will provide:

  • Experienced mentors.
  • Exposure to a Network of Experts
  • Access to valuable Resources.
  • Access to Seed Capital.
  • Integration in the BCC and CA! community

CA! The Incubator has a network of professionals, such as successful executives from companies in the sector, consultancy companies, the public sector and the university.

This advice will be provided through a 2-hour common session every week, in which we will cover different areas to be considered to guarantee the establishment/consolidation of the company.

LEADERSHIP: management of individual and team leadership for an enterprising project.

TRENDS in R&D: sector trends/innovative potential, success stories, innovation phases and processes, advantages of developing solutions internally or through outsourcing.

CUSTOMERS: networking tools, how to sectorise your key customers and agents.

DESIGN OF SERVICES: road-map, user experience, design of the interaction of the product/service during its pre, during and post phases.

INVESTMENT/FINANCING: investment/financing models, how to make your accounts attractive with a view toward an investment round.

PROTOTYPING: how to generate a MVP, minimum viable product.

DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT: external and internal communication tools, importance of the online presence of your business.

PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS: grants, cluster, support programmes, San Sebastián as an area for the generation of wealth in the sector.

ADMINISTRATIVE: options of legal forms and steps to follow.

PITCH: presentation tools, attracting customers.




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Registration open from 12th December, 2014 to 23rd January, 2015

If you have an idea and want to start a business/project linked to Food and Gastronomy, Culinary Action! Incubator will help you to evolve your project and make it visible in the sector.

Our selection process will comprise a Pre-Selection phase open from 12th December, 2014 to 23rd January and a final Selection phase where the pre-selected teams must compete for one of the 10 places on 4th-5th-6th February 2015 at the 2nd International Entrepreneurs Forum

During the pre-selection phase Culinary Action! offers you the option to participate in the Ideas to Business Models Workshop held on 10th-11th January, 2015 where you will have the possibility to present your ideas and to turn them into a business model. In this Workshop you will have the help of mentors and judges that will evaluate your idea and will help you to develop it.

If you want to know more about the programme, you can read the FAQ's and download Selection Requirements here





Basque Culinary Center

Paseo Juan Avelino Barriola, 101
20009 Donostia - San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)
Contact Number 943 574 500
Latitud GPS: N 43º17'15.39"
Longitud GPS: W 1º59'14.13"